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Continuous Integration - A Step by Step Guide

In the software development world, Continuous Integration (CI) is the process of continuously applying quality control to a piece of software in development. What this usually amounts to in practice is having automated systems that build, deploy and test your software each time a change is made. As software complexity increases, and more developers are added to the team, having these types of automated systems in place becomes essential to controlling the quality and cost of projects.

Introducing Survey Builder - Presentation

Survey Builder is a Drupal 7 module that allows you to create surveys, questionnaires, or plain old forms using a drag and drop interface. It makes use of the fantastic form_builder module, with views and features integration, and rules integration planned. Atchai has built this module and contributed it as open-source to the Drupal Community, first presented at the London Drupal Dropin event, held at Capgemini in December 2011.

Spaces Module as a Drupal Multi-site alternative

If you want to share users, content and configuration between Drupal sites you have several options. The most common approaches are either to use a multi-site architecture, RSS feeds, or domain access module. In this post, I'll discuss an alternative method using Spaces and PURL modules, a highly flexible architecture that enables you to tailor multiple spaces that can appear to be completely independent sites, but which all run from the same Drupal installation.

Drupal Features Module Presentation

Here are the slides from the short talk I did on Development Seed's excellent Features module, at the February Drupal-Drop In, hosted at Microsoft's offices in London.

It was a great evening, where several people did a short talk on their favourite modules, or modules that they find themselves using all the time. Thanks to everyone who came along!

Feeding Drupal in Real-Time Presentation

I gave a talk on "Feeding Drupal in Real-Time" at the Guardian on Tuesday, for the Drupal Drop-In event. It was a great evening, I met lots of interesting people and enjoyed some fantastic presentations. Thanks to everyone who came and made the event a success, especially Robert Castelo and Mark Baker for organising, and Microsoft and the Guardian for sponsoring.

My slides from the talk are below, but I also did two live demonstrations which are kinda hard to reproduce here! However, here's what happened for anyone who missed it:

Load Testing Drupal in the Cloud

In this article we will talk through setting up a simple load testing scenario for Drupal applications using Amazon’s Elastic Cloud computing. Amazon EC2 will enable you to easily set up testing scenarios for a relatively low cost, e.g. you can find out what the effect of adding an additional database server will make without actually buying one! JMeter will allow us to create complex test plans to measure the effect of our optimisations, we'll set up a remote JMeter load generator on EC2 that we'll control from our desktop.

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