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Eyewitness Platform sprint 2 update

Posted 17 Jan 2018 (5 minute read)

The Eyewitness platform is an open source Facebook Messenger bot and management interface designed to let news organisations create their own bot that distributes stories and collects User Generated Content (UGC). The project is co-funded by Code for Africa and Facebook. Feedback on our first release As detailed in the update for release 1, our first version of the Eyewitness chatbot focussed on providing a reason for people to connect with the bot.

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Eyewitness Platform sprint 1 update

Posted 29 Aug 2017 (4 minute read)

The Eyewitness platform is an open source Facebook Messenger bot and management interface designed to let news organisations create their own bot that distributes stories and collects User Generated Content (UGC). The project is co-funded by Code for Africa and Facebook. Funding issues First off, an apology. When we pitched this project we intended to begin development sometime in spring and to have a working product out in the market by this point.

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Introducing Eyewitness - the newsgathering bot platform

Posted 2 Feb 2017 (2 minute read)

UPDATE: Out of 736 applications, it was announced today that we are one of the 22 winners to receive funding from #innovateAfrica. We’re absolutely thrilled to have been chosen, and we’re really excited about the potential for Eyewitness to transform newsgathering. What is EyeWitness Bot? Eyewitness will allow media organisations to leverage their community on Facebook to gather opinions, tip-offs and quotes. We will save journalists time, enabling them to collect information quickly and on a large scale, with an innovative AI bot and data analysis platform.

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LastSeen - a chatbot that knows you're safe

Posted 2 Feb 2017 (4 minute read)

LastSeen is a simple chatbot that asks the user to check-in once a day and notifies their designated contact if they don’t. The project is a collaboration with Tom Hewitson. Tom’s father passed away last year. Once the initial shock had subsided he found himself often worrying about his mum now that she was on her own. As he was calling to check in on her every day he had the idea for LastSeen.

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How to run a successful chatbot development project

Posted 2 Sep 2016 (6 minute read)

In this article we’ll share a few things we’ve learned from building chatbots. We’ll cover how to select the right messaging platforms, the importance of conversation design and why we’ve built our own platform for rapid development of bots. What does success look like? Before starting any project, it’s important to define goals and ways to measure success. One of the unique things about bot products is that you can often fake it until you make it.

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Paging Doctor Bot

Posted 18 Aug 2016 (8 minute read)

The rise of the bots — they’re everywhere! In this article we examine the benefits of using chatbots in healthcare. Healthcare is a controversial topic. Rising costs, often attributed to factors such as increased life-expectancy and regulation, as well as a booming population add continuous pressure to reform and innovate in this space. What’s more, the quality of healthcare delivered is often questioned when compared to these rising costs. There is a rich history of medical expert systems developed to reduce the increasing healthcare costs, meet new regulatory requirements, and satisfy wider requirements to improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare while maintaining the operational efficiency of healthcare organisations.

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Who’s winning the messenger app wars?

Posted 11 Aug 2016 (11 minute read)

A Review and Comparison of the Most Popular Chatbot Platforms We now spend more time in messenger apps than we do on social media. It’s reported that over 2.5 billion people have at least one messaging app installed. By 2018, Activate Forecasts that number to grow to 3.6 billion people. In this article, we examine the most popular messaging apps, providing the latest data on usage and demographics. We also give an overview of the app’s features and it’s suitability as a platform upon which to develop chatbots.

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Multi-Team Slack Bots Hosted with BeepBoop

Posted 1 Jul 2016 (4 minute read)

How To Deploy Your Bot As a Slack App This article assumes that you already have a Slack bot running locally as a custom integration, and an account set up with BeepBoop. If that’s not the case then just follow this guide which is the perfect prerequisite to this article, and should get you up and running in the shortest possible time. If you want your bot to be used by multiple teams, handle slash commands, or to be submitted to the Slack app store then it’ll need to do the oAuth dance and manage a separate webhook for each team.

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Creating a Simple Slack Bot with Botkit.js and Hosting It For Free

Posted 30 Jun 2016 (5 minute read)

From Development to Deployment as a Custom Integration Recently I decided to build a Slack bot to keep track of links and host it using BeepBoop — a new hosting service designed specifically for chat bots. Fortunately Beepboop has created a nice library that integrates with Botkit, making it easier than ever to develop simple chat bots and deploy them on cloud hosting. Currently only Slack and Facebook Messenger are supported, but I expect that more platforms will be added.

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Is Your Start-up Idea Really Worth It?

Posted 31 May 2016 (16 minute read)

How To Evaluate A New Digital Product Business You’re in love with your idea, but love is blind. I’m here to provide a friendly slap around the face and to tell you what everyone else is afraid to, before the honeymoon is over and you find yourself slumped on the sofa watching box sets and eating ice-cream straight from the tub, alone. I often get asked the same questions by people who are working on their first start-up.

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