Update Jan 2018: Dataseed is no longer available as a hosted SaaS service. If you would like to license the Dataseed codebase then please get in touch.

Dataseed is an open platform for data visualisation, exploration and analysis. It’s the simplest way to create interactive browser-based dashboards with charts and maps. Dataseed can be integrated with your website to provide a layer of analytics and visualisation, or it can be used standalone by simply uploading spreadsheets.

Key Features

Dataseed offers a simple way to create multi-dimensional interactive visualisations. It’s takes just a few minutes to import a spreadsheet before we present you with a visualisation, allowing you to instantly start exploring your data with clickable charts.

An API is provided so that you can update your data in real-time. We can handle millions of rows, and we use in-memory technology to aggregate data before it is sent to the browser.

We respect Tufte’s principles of information design - there’s no chartjunk, and a high data-to-ink ratio.

The front-end of Dataseed is open-source so that you have full control over the appearance of your visualisations. There is also a Drupal module to enable rapid integration with the Drupal CMS.