Groupseer Social Analytics

We’re working as an R&D partner with Parity PLC to help develop an innovative new product in the social media analytics space. Our work involves taking an early proof of concept through an iterative product development cycle, using big data technologies, unsupervised machine learning and natural language processing.

The product is currently still under heavy development, and we are working together towards refining product/market fit, so we can’t say too much right now! It’s a very exciting product in a dynamic and technologically fascinating space.

The core technology has been patented, some of our main technological challenges now involve ingesting large amounts of social media data on a scalable cloud-based architecture, parallel processing of this data using clustering algorithms and natural language processing to extract significant terms from unstructured data. We’re also using an iterative process to develop the UI which will enable a new way of exploring and extracting meaning from social media.

Atchai has lots of experience working with startups and multinational R&D teams, helping them bring new products to market as a technology partner. Other projects we’ve delivered in this capacity include Resultsmark, Level Business, NewsVerify and the NHS Linked Data Platform. We’ve also gained a deep understanding of the all aspects of bringing a SaaS product to market through our data visualisation Analytics-as-a-Service offering - Dataseed.

John runs an agile, knowledgeable and experienced team of developers with a strong focus on enterprise, data-driven technical solutions. I have employed them for a recent, very challenging project mining the group associativity of social media networks. I was highly impressed by the way John runs his team, the agile way in which they approach the work and even more pleased with their ideas and technical input.

I would recommend John and his team at Atchai to anyone who needs a competent solution for any data-oriented enterprise project.

Adrian Leu