Web 3.0 Development

Technology partnership

Atchai builds products in the Defi, NFT and metaverse space on EVM compatible blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche.

Our team have extensive experience developing secure smart contracts using solidity. Our code has been audited and approved by leading auditors including ConsenSys Dilligence.

We actively contribute to the open source ecosystem, participate in governance and development of new web3 standards such as EIP 1337.

About Atchai

Established in 2010 and led by John Griffin and Dr Enrique Munoz de Cote, Atchai is a technology consultancy and development house based in London, UK. We create innovative web3 products for Tier-1 VC-backed startups, enterprise and government. Our clients include organisations such as the Bank of England, E-toro, Consensys, and Unilever.

We created Economy.os to simulate and evaluate tokenomics and crypto-economic incentive systems. Our advanced simulations use multi-agent systems and reinforcement learning to model and optimise complex systems.

MythX Payments

MythX is a ConsenSys company, building a security tools platform that brings advanced security analysis directly into smart contract development environments and build pipelines.

We have been engaged as a technology partner by Mythril to build the payments system for their premium subscription product. Initially developed to incorporate the MYTH token for payment, we have since moved to a stablecoin based system.

The subscription payments system is now live and available on the MythX site.

Ethereum dapp development


The Akropolis project is unlocking the potential of the informal economy by building a decentralised finance protocol.

After raising £12M from institutional investors in late 2017, we took on the challenge of leading the design and build of the Akropolis MVP. Over an extremely short timeline of three weeks we were able to deliver to market a working product from scratch.

The product we delivered includes a full mobile-first user experience backed by upgradable smart contracts built with solidity and running on the public Ethereum network.

web conversational ai bot development


The 42 richest people on Earth have more wealth than the poorest 3.7 billion. The GoodDollar experiment is a series of tests with the ultimate purpose of reducing wealth inequality through blockchain technology. Their mission is to build a new, global, open-source cryptocurrency – called GoodDollar – to distribute money using the principles of universal basic income (UBI).

Atchai was engaged to build the first two MVP products for GoodDollar. Though we also delivered a simple dApp for testing, our work focussed primarily around the back-end smart contracts.

The system uses an automated market maker to enable the buying and selling of tokens with no third party exchange. UBI participants are programatically entitled to claim a number of newly minted tokens daily that cause an inflationary effect on the token price.

etherum dapp development studio

Working with cutting edge technology in an emerging sector is a challenge. The team were fantastically agile, professional and reliable throughout the project, we communicated regularly and managed to develop a novel concept into working software within a short timeframe.

I highly recommend working with Atchai for any project that requires a creative approach backed up by strong engineering practices.

Bernhard Mueller