Fully Customisable

Hippocamp is our proprietry engine that powers all our chatbot projects. It is now available for you to use too! We provide a full chatbot co-creation service. We work with you to develop a concept, design and test the product in an iterative process with real users, and either provide a managed service or set up hosting on your own infrastructure.

Advanced NLP capabilities

Hippocamp can integrate with any NLP system and Atchai has expertise in building custom NLP algorithms to meet non-standard requirements.

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Hippocamp allows you to design your chatbot experience once and deploy it across all major platforms. We support all features of Facebook Messenger.

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Push Notifications

You can push updates to your subscribers in real-time. Facebook Messenger is a one to one channel so you’re not competing to get your content seen in the Facebook news feed.

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Drive Engagement

Set up quizzes, competitions and polls to solicit user generated content from your users. Capture a wide range of media including photos, videos and audio.

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We’ll set up real-time analytics with the market leading bot analytics products. You’ll be able to see every interaction with your bot along with aggregate statistics on usage and KPIs.

No Management Overhead

You don’t want to manage any more systems so we can seamlessly integrate with your existing CMS or CRM. This allows you to update content in the bot easily with no additional overhead.

Tried and Tested

Used by everyone from UK Government to global brands, our bots have passed the most stringent security tests and we can ensure you pass through GDPR. Our bots are blazingly fast as Hippocamp is build with Node.js and deployed on cloud infrastructure using Docker container management.

Projects Powered by Hippocamp

Danone - Cows Milk Allergy Companion

Danone is a multi-national food products corporation, present in over 130 countries. They have the market leading product that is prescribed in the event that a child is diagnosed with cows milk allergy.

It takes an average of 11 GP visits and 15 weeks from initial symtoms to diagnosis of CMA, causing a lot of unnecessary distress for parent and child. We built a bot that acts as a companion for parents throughout this journey, helping them to track symptoms and produce a comprehensive report to take to the GP, significantly reducing the average diagnosis time for CMA.

healthcare bot development

Department of International Trade

We're working with the UK Government's Department of International Trade to develop an innovative new conversational AI product. The laws around importing and exporting goods are complex, and cover everything from importing plants to exporting military hardware for repair. It can be extremely time consuming for the ordinary citizen or small business to understand whether they need a license, and if so which one.

By using a conversational user interface, we can reduce the time it takes to find these answers, as well as reduce the burden on human advisors.

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Eyewitness is a bot platform for media organisations and brands to engage with their audience through Facebook Messenger. It provides a turn-key solution for pushing out updates and collecting stories and media. More features are being added all the time.

Clients include the South African Public Service Broadcasting Corporation. We have recently received funding from #innovateAfrica to develop an open source version that will enable African journalists to leverage their community on Facebook to gather opinions, tip-offs and quotes.

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What I like about working with Atchai is that they take the time at the beginning of the project to understand the big picture before choosing the right tech stack for the job.

What they delivered was cutting edge, very high quality software.

All work was delivered on time, on budget, to a very high standard with clear, honest communication throughout.

Niels Bischoff